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When you and your family visit Rockland Pediatric Dental and Orthodontics, our doctors may use 3D intraoral scanning to view your mouth in detail. This advanced technology helps ensure that you receive the precise, comfortable and high-quality care you need to enjoy a healthy mouth and smile.

What Is An Intraoral Scanner?

Intraoral scanners are a type of digital imaging technology that capture high-quality, three-dimensional images of the inside of your mouth. This view of your teeth and supporting oral structures makes it easy for us to diagnose developing problems, create digital models of your mouth and provide you with individualized treatments. The scanner captures multiple images in full color, and allows us to ensure that any restorations or oral appliance you need fit perfectly and function properly.

How Does The Scanner Work?

When you receive a digital scan, our doctors or hygiene team will use a small wand to capture the images of your teeth and mouth. This small wand is easily maneuverable to ensure comfort. As it passes over your teeth it will capture, process and transmit the captured images instantaneously to provide an immediate, complete and detailed view of your mouth. The images are automatically saved every few seconds to prevent you from needing to sit through a second scan.

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