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While Rockland Pediatric Dental and Orthodontics is primarily a pediatric and orthodontic office focused on helping children enjoy healthy smiles. We also welcome parents to our practice for your dental needs. Our experienced dentist and team offer comprehensive general dental services to meet your needs and help you achieve your smile goals.

What Is General Dentistry?

General dentistry includes a broad range of dental treatments designed to help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health throughout your life. These treatments may be as simple as a routine dental checkup or as complex as a restorative treatment to replace multiple missing teeth. Our dentist and team are here to help you with individualized treatment plans and comprehensive services. This will help you and your family enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, confident and beautiful smile.

Our General Dental Services

Routine Dental Visits

We recommend that you visit Rockland Pediatric Dental and Orthodontics every six months for routine hygiene and exam. These visits allow our dentist and team to provide preventive care as well as monitor your oral health, ensuring that any developing problems are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. We may recommend a more frequent schedule of visits if needed.

We also encourage you to reach out as soon as possible if you experience a dental emergency so you can receive the care you need to get your smile back on track.

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