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Here at Rockland Pediatric Dental and Orthodontics, we offer Hospital Dentistry to help your child receive the care they need. Our caring pediatric dentists will work closely with you and with the hospital staff and specialists to ensure your child is comfortable and receives treatment without any problems.

What Is Hospital Dentistry?

Hospital dentistry is recommended when your child’s oral health needs require the use of general anesthesia to receive treatment. If your child has special needs, a serious pre-existing medical condition, or extreme difficulty receiving treatment in a routine dental office setting, our pediatric dentists may recommend hospital dentistry as the best and safest option for your child.

Hospital dentistry is recommended only when it is necessary. Our pediatric dentists will carefully evaluate your child’s oral health, medical needs, past experiences and behaviors, and will discuss all possible options with you before making this recommendation.

Benefits of Hospital Dentistry

There are many benefits to hospital dentistry, including:

  • All necessary treatments can be provided in a single visit.
  • A controlled setting in which safe and effective care can be provided.
  • A completely comfortable treatment, as your child sleeps through the entire procedure.

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We welcome you to call us at 845-634-8900 if you have any questions about hospital dentistry in New City, New York, or want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dorit Hermann, Dr. Anne Chaly and Dr. Clarissa Marcovich.

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