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“Pediatric dentist and orthodontist near me” need for Rockland County, NY families aligns with our mission to support healthy smiles for a lifetime.

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Parents and caregivers do so many things for their children, and as parents ourselves, we get it! You’re happy to make the best life possible for the children in your care… and, it never hurts when you have a chance to streamline. 

Rockland Pediatric Dental and Orthodontics was designed by families, for families. We put all the experts you’ll need for your child’s oral healthcare under one roof. One less location to add to your to-do list means time saved and hassle avoided, and that’s a win-win for parents!

“Is There a Pediatric Dentist AND Orthodontist Near Me?” That’s a Big YES from RPDO.

Skip navigating orthodontics referrals from

your dentist altogether, because you and your family get BOTH dentistry and orthodontics at RPDO! There’s a reason so many of our patients recommend us to other families in their circles: we make parenting a little easier.

Bring your child in for dental services such as:

  • Baby’s first dental appointment
  • Twice yearly teeth cleanings and checkups
  • Only-as-needed X-rays to monitor your child’s jaw and dental growth
  • Oral health coaching and support for you and your child
  • “Oops” dental moments for accidentally lost or damaged teeth
  • Customized care for children with special needs
  • …and more!

As we clean, preserve, protect, and monitor your child’s teeth and support their overall oral health, we may recommend orthodontic treatment where necessary. When we do, we take our time to explain our assessment and answer all of you and your child’s questions.

From there, you can schedule orthodontic consultation and treatment with our specialists right at the same location! No running around, no wading through a pile of orthodontist referrals — just ease and comfort as you consider next steps for your child’s oral health.

Our orthodontic experts can support your child with:

  • Early interceptive orthodontic treatment
  • Braces or (for older children and teens) clear aligners
  • Reducing or eliminating jaw discomfort
  • Reducing or eliminating issues with eating and speech due to misaligned teeth/bite
  • Feeling confident and happy with their smile
  • …and much more!

Filling that “pediatric dentist and orthodontist near me” need for Rockland County, NY families aligns with our mission to support healthy smiles for life, for the whole family. We’re here to make childcare a little simpler, and that’s definitely something to smile about!

Call us today to schedule your child’s next visit.

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