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Compassionate Care from Your Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist In Rockland County, NY

pediatric dentist Rockland County

When you choose a pediatric dentist or orthodontist for your child, you naturally want someone with the highest level of expertise as well as an office that’s convenient to home. Not every practice or professional who fits those qualifiers, though, will truly offer compassionate care to you and your family. 

Rockland Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics is a new kind of pediatric dentist in Rockland County — one that prioritizes connection and relationship building.

Each Patient’s Oral Health Is Unique

Here at RPDO, our expert dental and orthodontic staff knows that each patient comes to us from their own unique circumstances. Children of all ages can expect specialized care and attention that meets them right where they are in terms of personal development and oral health.

Sure, all kids need clean teeth and healthy gums, but each child’s bite, eating and drinking habits, tooth alignment, and stage of life is unique to that individual. 

Every Child and Family Has Their Own Relationship With Us

It’s not just your child’s oral health that’s unique to them; it’s also who they are as a person that’s special. We want to hear about that school project, the recent sports game, or the upcoming family adventure.

In short, we want RPDO to be your home away from home when it comes to oral health and wellness. And to accomplish that, we do all we can to make you and your family feel like… well, family!

Whether your child is visiting us twice a year for their bi-annual dental cleaning and checkup, or they’re coming in once a month to complete the course of their orthodontia, we want them to be comfortable and happy to spend that time with us.

Meeting Your Child’s Oral Wellness Needs

Beyond cleanings, checkups, fluoride treatment, and X-rays, we’re here to help you solve any dental or orthodontic problems that come up for your child.

Are adult teeth coming in and baby teeth falling out as expected?

Are certain foods or beverages damaging your child’s teeth?

Is early-intervention orthodontia recommended to save your child time and pain down the road?

Is your child facing crowded teeth, or large gaps?

Do they have a misaligned bite or jaw issues?

These and many other questions can be answered by our friendly and knowledgeable staff here at RPDO. Don’t hesitate to come in for a visit, or call us to discuss your concerns.

We want to be your family’s partner in pediatric oral health, ensuring both happy smiles and healthy ones for your kids of all ages.

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