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Pediatric dentistry is where our heart is. We started our practice to make dental care fun, friendly, and accessible for kids. And the beautiful thing is, the parents that came in with their children felt so comfortable and confident with our work, that they started asking us if they could come here, too!

That’s how our dental practice has grown organically to include pediatric dentistry, adult dentistry, and orthodontics. It all started with our wonderful dental care for children. When your children visit our office, you and they can both feel relaxed knowing that your comfort and care is our priority.

What happens on a child’s first visit?

  • Tour our office and meet our friendly team!
  • Teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment.
  • Parents chat about diet and overall health care.
  • X-rays may be recommended if deemed helpful and necessary.
  • Parents meet with a treatment coordinator to discuss next steps and answer questions.

And, if anything arises after you leave our office, you can call us anytime!

Pregnant? You can start supporting baby’s teeth now!

Did you know that baby teeth begin to form around the sixth or seventh week of pregnancy? And that adult teeth begin to form in the last months of pregnancy? A nutritious diet will help assure your unborn baby is getting the nutrients needed for development of healthy teeth and body. We’d be happy to talk with you about the dos and don’ts of pregnancy nutrition for optimal oral health — for mom and baby!

Oral health as your child grows

  • Babies: Bring your baby in for an initial visit by the first birthday. We’ll go over how you can get a jump on great oral health for your child, including some common misconceptions and risks that may lead to dental disease!
  • Formative Years: Bi-annual check-ups (every six months) will help us monitor the development and health of your child’s teeth… plus, the more you and your child visit, the more comfortable he or she will be with the dentist.
  • Teens: When kids hit their teens, they often become more concerned with appearance. If they don’t love their smile, it can make them feel self-conscious. We have special training to understand the needs of teens and the emotional importance of a healthy smile. We’ve got this!
  • Children with Special Needs: Our advanced training allows us to understand and work with children with special needs, whether physical, emotional, or both, and makes us an ideal choice for their care. We are able to provide the special planning and treatment that may be required for chronically ill children and/or children with congenital heart disease, epilepsy, diabetes, cerebral palsy, and other conditions.

Children with Down Syndrome, oral clefts and other conditions may be more susceptible to delayed/accelerated tooth eruption, bite problems, missing/extra teeth, and other issues. Pediatric dentists have comprehensive education and training in behavior management, sedation, and anesthesia techniques so you can feel comfortable that your children will receive the very best treatment based on their needs.

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